Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027) - Resetting education and training for the digital age;

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Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027) - Resetting education and training for the digital age;
Purpose (100 words)

The Digital Education Action Plan outlines the European Commission’s vision for high quality, inclusive and accessible digital education in Europe. It is a call to action for stronger cooperation at European level to

  • learn from the COVID-19 crisis during which technology is being used at a scale never seen before in education and training;
  • make education and training systems fit for the digital age.

The new Action plan has two strategic priorities:

1. Fostering the development of a high-performing digital education ecosystem

2. Enhancing digital skills and competences for the digital transformation

Under this second priority, in relation to STEAM Education the Commission intends to: encourage women’s participation in STEM with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and support the EU STEM Coalition to develop higher education curricula which attracts women to engineering and ITC based on the ‘STEAM’ approach.

Issuing date
30 September 2020
Originating country/region
Policy approval authority
European Commission

Applicability and Audience

Applicability area
Educational Framework
All Educational framework at national level


Reason for policy

In her political guidelines, President von der Leyen highlighted the need to unlock the potential of digital technologies for learning and teaching and to develop digital skills for all. Education and training are key for personal fulfilment, social cohesion, economic growth and innovation. They are also a critical building block for a fairer and more sustainable Europe. Raising the quality and inclusiveness of education and training systems and the provision of digital skills for all during the digital and green transitions is of strategic importance for the EU.

Description of the policy

The education and training system is increasingly part of the digital transformation. The COVID-19 pandemic has heavily impacted education and training, forcing an acceleration towards this digital change and offering a valuable learning experience.

The Commisison has identified two interrelated aspects to digital education requiring a solid response via the Digital Skills Action Plan: firstly, the deployment of the vast and growing array of digital technologies (apps, platforms, software) to improve and extend education and training. A second relevant aspect of digital education is the need to provide learners with digital competences to live, work, learn and thrive in a world increasingly mediated by digital technologies. The action at EU level can contribute to the development of quality and inclusive education and training by supporting cooperation, the exchange of good practice, frameworks, research, recommendations and other tools.

Implementation procedures and plan

The Action Plan implementation will be ensured as part of the enabling framework for the European Education Area and will involve relevant working groups and arrangements. This will involve actors at various levels (EU, national, regional, local) and engage the public more closely through direct communication channels and opportunities for co-creation.

The Commission will support Member States and their education and training systems through closer cooperation and a more focused discussion and exchange on digital education at the EU level. This will enable strategic collaboration with relevant stakeholders across regions, Member States and the EU.

Key performance indicators will apply for each action to help assess progress and – where necessary – adjust and adapt. The Commission will undertake a comprehensive review of the Digital Education Action Plan in 2024 to assess its outreach and impact.

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Monitoring and evaluation

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