8 julio 2020

Promoting STE(A)M education in Catalonia

STEAMonEdu project partner Colectic is a nonprofit cooperative in Barcelona that works for the inclusion, autonomy and empowerment of people and communities in the social, […]
31 julio 2020

Núria Salan about STE(A)M community in Catalonia

Núria Salán Ballesteros (Barcelona, b.1963) is a Catalan chemist, professor at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and current president of the Catalan Society of […]
25 septiembre 2020

Francesc Rambla: “Different STE(A)M subjects are fundamental to make these proposals reach a wider audience”

Francesc Rambla is a technical engineer in telecommunications. He has worked for more than twenty years as a consultant in the field of information and […]
26 enero 2021

El marco de competencias para las personas educadoras STE(A)M se presenta en dos conferencias dirigidas a educadores

Colectic, el partner español del proyecto STEAMonEdu, ha participado en dos eventos para presentar el Marco de Competencias  STE(A)M (Competence Framework for STE(A)M Educators) a […]