26 Gener 2021

El marc de les competències per als educadors STE(A)M es presenta en dues sessions educatives

Colectic, el partner espanyol del projecte STEAMonEdu, ha participat en dos esdeveniments per presentar el Marc de Competències STE(A)M a les persones educadores i formadores […]
23 Gener 2021

“So close, no matter how far…” – 3rd STEAMonEdu Transnational Meeting

“So close, no matter how far Couldn’t be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are And nothing else matters… … Trust I […]
22 Desembre 2020

Learning effective advocacy practices to influence policy

In order to develop the Policy Influence Toolkit, a series of five online capacity building sessions were organised by ALL DIGITAL for STEAMonEdu project partners. […]
18 Desembre 2020

1900 Greek Participants at the STEAMonEdu Webinar!

A large webinar was organized in Greece by our STEAMonEdu partners, DAISSy Reasearch Group – CTI and the Regional Center of Educational Design of Western […]