News & Veranstaltungen

8 Mai 2020

SGI joins Repubblica Digitale with STEAMonEdu

STEAMonEdu in Italy was kicked-off by the project partner Stati Generali dell’Innovazione joining the Repubblica Digitale project and proposing STEAMonEdu as a valuable initiative. Repubblica […]
30 April 2020

MIN(K)T Bildung in Deutschland

Kreativ arbeiten, Fotografieren, Handwerkern, Zeichnen oder Töne visualisieren sind Aktivitäten, die mit den bildenden und darstellenden Künsten, Musik und Literatur in Verbindung gebracht werden. Diese […]
16 April 2020

Training for Romanian teachers in the use of digital resources and virtual classroom teaching

Teaching and learning in the virtual environment are powerful solutions for education, given the social distance imposed by the coronavirus. Classic study tools had to […]
10 April 2020

STEM Discovery Campaign 2020

The STEAMonEdu project consortium supports the STEM Discovery Campaign 2020 and, together with campaign organisers, invite other projects, organisations, libraries, schools, universities and youth clubs […]
27 März 2020

From STEM to STE(A)M Education

Occupations of the future have been changing rapidly and the knowledge and skills acquired today are not foreseen to be sufficient while preparing our students […]