14 December 2020

STE(A)M tools for the classroom: the case of the ByLinedu Association

The ByLinedu Association is a Valencian organization that works to help reduce the digital divide  with STE(A)M activities and projects for digital literacy and educational […]
11 January 2021

The Competence Framework for STE(A)M Educators presented in two events in Spain

Colectic, the Spanish partner of the STEAMonEdu project, has participated in two events to present the project, the collaboration platform, the Competence Framework for STE(A)M […]
16 June 2021

STE(A)M pedagogical innovation projects in Barcelona

The CEB (Barcelona Education Consortium) is an instrument of co-management and decentralization, within a framework of institutional collaboration, which represents the will of the Generalitat […]