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24 June 2021

The winning images of the SteamOnEdu photo contest

The winners of the SteamonEdu Photo Contest show fragments of the creative STEAM learning from the different schools and projects in the project countries. Technology […]
16 June 2021

STE(A)M pedagogical innovation projects in Barcelona

The CEB (Barcelona Education Consortium) is an instrument of co-management and decentralization, within a framework of institutional collaboration, which represents the will of the Generalitat […]
7 June 2021

3D Printing and Education

3D printing refers to the process of additively building a three-dimensional physical object from a digital model data (Computer Aided Design or scanned object) file […]
27 May 2021

Digital Women Romania project

According to the European Union’s Digital Economy and Society Index DESI, Romania ranks 27th out of 28 EU member states in terms of human capital, […]