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26 July 2021

EOS Digital Academy Project

A platform for learning, certification, and employment!     Our Romanian project partner EOS Romania is currently implementing the program EOS DIGITAL ACADEMY, a program […]
5 July 2021

Shaping digitalization together

How we obtain information, shop, learn, communicate with each other, seek medical advice, or use public administration services – digitization is profoundly changing our everyday […]
30 June 2021

STEM/STE(A)M Initiative in Greece and Innovation in Education

The Greek Ministry of Education and Religion has officially announced its initiative for collecting STEM and STEAM school projects through a public open call to […]
24 June 2021

The winning images of the SteamOnEdu photo contest

The winners of the SteamonEdu Photo Contest show fragments of the creative STEAM learning from the different schools and projects in the project countries. Technology […]