Stati Generali dell’Innovazione – SGI

Stati Generali dell’Innovazione (General States of Innovation, SGI) is an Italian not-for-profit association established in 2011:

  • to co-design innovation policies in Italy and Europe;
  • to promote cross-fertilization and synergistic actions among innovators of any kind;
  • to design and share systemic and participatory open tools and methods for communities to develop fair policies for responsible and sustainable innovation;
  • to support legislators and government officers in developing and executing effective innovation programmes.

SGI is an Italian national network of over 100 high-profile professionals who donate part of their time to foster opportunities for innovation in Italy. Most of SGI members are researchers, engineers, mathematicians, philosophers, sociologists, economists and act as pro-innovation influencers at local and central governmental bodies, academies, private companies or other not-for-profit organisations.

SGI is very active as a member of many different organizations working on Digital Transformation:

  • Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS)
  • Digital Cultural Heritage Arts & Humanities School
  • Open Government Partnership (OGP)
  • Internet Governance Forum (IGF)
  • Innovation Forum Innovazione for Roma Capitale
  • Copernicus Programme National User Forum (Spatial Data)
  • UNINFO (National Standards)
  • Agenda Tevere


Contact: Paolo Russo