Notícies & Esdeveniments

19 Juny 2020

STEAMonEdu project added to the Scientix library

We are happy to announce that the STEAMonEdu project has been added to the Scientix library of projects. Now a large number of educators, education […]
15 Juny 2020

STEM School Label High-Level Event on 25-26 June 2020

  The STEM School Label High Level Event is organised on 25-26 June by STEM School Label with Scientix and STEM Alliance, as part of […]
8 Juny 2020

Join the STEAMonEdu community and share your best STE(A)M learning activity

Are you providing STE(A)M activities in formal and non-formal education? Are you a STE(A)M educator or teacher who would like to share your activities and […]
2 Juny 2020

From face-to-face to online activities in STE(A)M education

  While the world is affected by COVID-19 lockdowns and physical distancing, online communication and its content are growing. For many it is the only […]
1 Juny 2020

STEM Online Days 2020

STEM Online Days 2020 is a unique initiative organised jointly by Scientix, STEM Alliance, STEM School Label, STE(A)M IT, Impact EdTech, TIWI, SpaceEU and Amgen […]